Circuit Board Assembly

From the development to the finished circuit board

We are your competent partner for the cost-effective assembly of printed circuit boards. Depending on your requirements, we take over your order from development to the finished circuit board.

Our offer includes:

  • Assembly of circuit board prototypes and small series
  • SMD mounting on one or both sides
  • SMD component size from 0402
  • Reflow soldering
  • Vapor phase soldering
  • THT hand assembly
  • THT wave soldering
  • Mixed equipment THT and SMD
  • Manual optical quality control
  • Automatic optical quality control (AOI-System)


THT (Through-Hole Technology)

In this method, wired electronic components are inserted and soldered through contact holes in the printed circuit board. Soldering is done by hand or via a surge.

SMD (Surface Mounted Device)

During surface mounting, SMD components are soldered directly to the circuit board using solderable contact surfaces. This makes it possible to achieve a very dense configuration and, above all, a double-sided mounting of the printed circuit board.

Mixing equipment

THT and SMD components are combined.

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