HV Single Components

Some components that we use in our pulse generators, are of general interest and can be purchased also separately.

High voltage divider for fixed installation

In most of our RUP pulse generators, there are voltage dividers for the monitor output.
We manufacture voltage dividers of 10-55kV separately as OEM boards.
Datasheet UT40 / UT55.  

Fiber optic module for RS232

The module allows the isolated data transmission into the MV range for a safe galvanic separation between computer and high voltage.
Datasheet Fiber optic module for RS232 interface.

BNC-TTL optical fiber converter

Made for the isolated transmission of a TTL control signal into the MV range.
Datasheet BNC-TTL optical fiber converter.


In order to avoid unbalanced current consumption from the main power, there is a requirement that devices with a rated power of >75W, must be equipped with power factor correction (PFC) so that the internal power supply rectifier behaves like an ohmic resistance. Corresponding assemblies can be found in many of our devices. On request we also manufacture these separately.
Datasheet PFC2000.

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