HV Power Supplies

Customized HV power supplies

The GBS Elektronik GmbH manufactures special DC high-voltage power supplies. This is especially our intension when specific properties are required, which are not available elsewhere in this form.

  • HV5000 Datasheet
    The high-voltage module is designed for the MCA527. It allows a stable operation of larger HPGE and CdZnTe detectors.
  • HV3600 Datasheet
    HV module developed for the MCA166/527, to supply connected gamma detectors with high voltage up to +3600V or -3600V, (0.25W max.), with very low ripple.
  • HV2000P Datasheet
    The HV2000P module is designed to supply low-energy detectors, such as CdZnTe, He3 or HPGe, with a high voltage of up to 2000V. The low weight and the ultra small dimensions of the module are outstanding.
  • HV1200 Datasheet
    HV module developed for the MCA527L. Economical version, delivers up to 1200V, 0.25W max.
  • HV20kV Datasheet
    20kV DC supply, adjustable, 1mA, optimized for lowest weight for use in experimental model aircrafts.
  • HV30kVsmd Datasheet
    30 kV DC supply, adjustable, 2mA max., optimized for lowest weight (<90g) for use in experimental model aircrafts.
  • HV-6kV  Datasheet German
    Fixed input voltage supply -6 kV 80 µA, 12 V input voltage, very economical HV supply board.
  • 2kV2kJs Datasheet German
    Capacitor charger up to 2 kV. 230 VAC supply voltage. OEM assembly consisting of multiple boards.

Capacitive loads, piezo actuators, four-quadrant operation

A standard DC supply is insufficient if also fast fall times are required and the load is mostly capacitive. Standard supplies discharge only very slowly by itself. So in this case an output is required, which can act as current sink as well as current source. If there are two of this outputs, also four-quadrant operation is possible. Such outputs can be realized as linear supply, but also as switch mode supply with improved efficiency.

HV800x2f and HV10002f are examples for four-quadrant switch mode power supplies.

  • HV800x2f Datasheet German
    OEM board, delivers ± 800V with 2 outputs with a peak current of 160mA, 10W average power and an average reactive power up to 50VA.
  • HV1000x2f Datasheet
    Delivers up to ± 1000V with 2 outputs; regulates output current up to ±2A. Bandwidth 2kHz, average output power up to 1.5 kW.

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