• Development and ManufacturingDevelopment - Circuit Board Assembly - Equipment Construction
  • Nuclear MeasurementsMulti Channel Analyzer - Detectors - Special Equipment
  • High Voltage Pulse TechnologyUniversal Pulse Generators - Special Pulse Generators - HV Power Supplies

Scientific Equipment Engineering • HV pulse generators • Nuclear Measurements

Development and

Development, Circuit Board Assembly, Equipment Construction

We support you on your way from design to installation of the finished product. The unbureaucratic structure of our company and the spatial proximity of the individual work areas allow a fast, high-quality work process, which is optimally adapted to your personal requirements. Even after completion of development and production,  we are at your side in the integration of our components into your systems.

High Voltage
Pulsing Technology

Universal and Special Pulse Generators, HV Power Supplies

The GBS Elektronik GmbH supplies customized high-voltage pulse generators for plasma immersion applications, magnetron sputtering, liquid sterilization and other special applications, and also manufactures HV power supplies and modules according customer’s specifications to supply their high-voltage devices.


Multi Channel Analyzer, Detectors, Special Equipment

The radiation measurements by our devices takes place in various production and inspection processes and allow measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, which can be reliably performed and evaluated. Our software provides a good visual representation of the measurement data on the computer. Our  nuclear technology products ranges from multi-channel analyzers, complete spectrometers, various detectors, to extensive special equipment such as our gamma scanner for the measurement of radioactively contaminated rooms and objects.

Our range

Construction of electrical equipment and systems, Assembly of printed circuit boards

For more than 25 years, GBS Elektronik GmbH has been designing and developing equipment and systems in the field of nuclear technology and high-voltage pulsing technology. Another area concerns the development of electronic equipment and systems according to the specifications of our customers.

  • Development of assemblies
  • Creation of circuit board layouts according to your specifications and plans
  • Development of complete production documents from your sketches
  • Upgrade and Modify Devices
  • Development of software and firmware
  • Cable assembly and ultrasonic cleaning

References of GBS Elektronik GmbH

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